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alerta de burla em arrendamentos Nunca transfira dinheiro sem conhecer o imóvel, e ter todos os dados de que está a fazer o negócio com o proprietário ou um legítimo representante do mesmo.

Têm existido diversas tentativas de burla no mercado de arrendamento. Um dos esquemas usuais passa pelo pedido de transferência de dinheiro antes de se ver o apartamento. É claro, que o apartamento pode não ser do proprietário e depois da transferência do dinheiro nunca mais conseguirá contatar a pessoa com quem estava a negociar.

Os anúncios em sites gratuítos, tal como o, são colocados por pessoas individuais, pelo que está sujeito a que pessoas de má fé coloquem anúncios falsos. No mundo da Internet, em que não há uma relação direta entre as pessoas, deve sempre desconfiar e informar-se antes de efetuar qualquer negócio, com cuidados redobrados.

Os emails que se transcrevem abaixo são de um caso real, partilhado por um utilizador deste site, mas que não foi enganado. Esperamos que com a divulgação deste caso, se ajude a esclarecer cada vez mais pessoas.

Divulge estes esquemas, para que os seus conhecidos não sejam burlados.
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Hello Mr. *****,

Since I do not speak protuguese and supposing that you speak english I am going to introduce myself; I am 46 years old, married; I am a research engineer for a pharmaceutical company, currently living in Warsaw, Poland. I bought this flat for my daughter ***** during his studies in Portugal. Now she is back in Poland and I have to rent or sell the flat. I am the only owner, the flat is paid in full and free of any charges.

I want to rent the flat to nice, clean and tidy people so I would like to know first some basic details about yourself: how old are you, if you are married, occupation, for how long would you like to rent the flat. I do not have a problem if you are a student, I do not have a problem with pets and I appreciate sincerity.

Here are some information about the flat:
- it is located in Rua dos Mouros 34, 1200-089 Lisbon
- it has 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 large size bed
- fully furnished and renovated like in the photos
- fully equipped with dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine...
- located in a good area you can easily have access to public transportation which is just around the corner

My only requests are:
- the lowest monthly rent I would accept is 400 EUR for the whole flat with utilities included
- the security bond is 800 EUR, you will receive it back at the end of our rental contract
- you must inform me at least with 30 days in advance before leaving the flat
- I can rent the flat for an indefinite period, but for a minimum period of 3 months.

You will not need anything more to move in the flat but you can bring your own furniture if you want because I have a large and well ventilated cellar, where my furniture can be stored.
Utilities are included in the monthly rent and I will pay them from my bank account. The monthly rent includes electricity, flat heating, 2 parking places, cold/hot water, wireless broadband Internet, digital TV...

In this moment the flat is not inhabited since ***** lives with us now in Warsaw. You can rent and move in the flat in the same day you will receive the keys. I will find a solution to send you the keys and rental contract so you move as soon as possible since I cannot travel to Portugal right now.

Thank you for your interest and do not hesitate to contact me back for more details.

Many greetings from Poland

Moje najlepsze komplementy,
***** *****

fotografia de apartamentofotografia de apartamentofotografia de apartamento

fotografia de apartamentofotografia de apartamentofotografia de apartamento

fotografia de apartamentofotografia de apartamentofotografia de apartamento

Se reparar, clicando na terceira fotografia (clicando nela) o gradeamento das janelas é diferente daquele que aparece no prédio em frente ao número 34 no streetview do google maps em google maps. Para além disso as condições do apartamento não batem certo com o preço que é pedido.

Helo Mr *****,
How to see the flat this friday afternoon?

Unfortunately I am very busy with my work here in Poland. I cannot come in person and I have nobody to show you the flat. In this particular situation I found a very reliable way to complete the deal safe and fast.
The transaction for renting and moving in the flat will be finalized by a rental agency which is very popular here in Poland and they also have connections with an agency from there so the transaction will be fast and easy. The rental agency agent will deliver you the flat keys and the rental contract signed by me, and he/she will take care about everything so you can move as soon as possible since the flat is free. This is the best way to rent the flat for both of us because in the end, the transaction will be handled by an agent from there and you will meet him in person to finalize the renting procedure.

I will support the rental agency services so you do not have to worry because you will not be charged. For additional info about the renting procedure and the rental agency please do not hesitate to contact me.

I wait your reply
Hello Mr. *****, please tell me the contact to call to see the apartment on friday afternoon.
I call them and if we like the apartment we can make the rental.
Start on november day 1 is ok?
Thank you
Hello Mr. *****,

The delivery of the keys will be made through a real estate agency called Remax. This company will handle the payment, delivery and will legalize the Lease Agreement. In this way you will receive the keys in less than 2 days, if you move fast as well.

Before going further, I will inform you how this service works and what we have to do.

1. To start this transaction I will need your full info(name, address, phone number and a copy of your ID).
2. After receiving the requested info from you I will inform the rental agency to complete the documents with your details since I already gave them the flat keys and all papers necessary to record the renting contract with my accept. With your and mine personal details Remax Manager will start a transaction with us and they will send you a delivery notification and the security deposit instructions.
3. You will be instructed to wire ONLY the agreed amount of money for the first month rent + the security bond to Remax Manager through bank transfer so they can be authorised to make and record with their agency the official renting contract.

The official renting contract will be made only after your deposit confirmation. The real estate agency will assign an agent to deliver the keys and show you the flat in my name at a scheduled date (at your convenience) but only after your security deposit confirmation. You will meet the Remax agent at the scheduled date at the address of the flat (in front of the building) or another suitable address.

Since I already signed a contract with Remax Poland and I already paid the agency commission for their services we will have to follow the rules of the real estate agency.

I want to make the following things very clear:

a. The 1st month of rent + the security bond is 100% refundable if you will not like the flat. In this case you will receive your money back in 2 days
b. If you want to rent the flat the rental agency will wire in my personal bank account the security deposit. The security deposit will be used as payment for the 1st month rent + security bond.
c. The security deposit is a simple formality and transferring the money to Remax agency will not oblige you to rent the flat. This is the only security measure to protect me in case of a non-interested person which will make me lose my time and money with the rental of the flat

In this case you are just respecting the policy of a abroad rentals company and they will store the security deposit in their bank account until the trial period expires(I will set a 3 days trial period).

After the deposit is made, you will have to send the deposit confirmation to Remax Manager so they can verify it. If the deposit is made properly Remax will record the official renting contract and will start the delivery of the keys. To enter in the keys and the contract possession you will meet the Remax agent assigned for our transaction. After meeting the Remax Agent and receiving the keys you will be able to see the flat, check the contract conditions and check the inventory list made by me. You will have 3 days to decide if you want to rent the property or not (you can live there up to 3 days for free so you can decide if you want to rent the flat). If you will decide to rent the flat you have to sign the Lease Agreement to continue live there, if not you will have to return the contract unsigned to Top Estate and gave them back the flat keys.

After signing the contract you will authorize Remax Agency to wire me the security deposit into my personal bank account. In case you will not rent the flat after the trial period Remax Agency will refund you the entire amount(but I am sure that you will love the flat). The next payment will be made monthly to my personal bank account on our scheduled date.

As soon as I receive your info I will start the official procedure. Remax Manager will give you also important guidelines plus instructions in order to complete the deal in a safe way for both. Please follow the Remax steps exactly so we do not have unwanted incidents.

If you wish to go ahead with it please reply me with your full details requested and send also a copy of your info to Remax agency email along with my name.

The rental agency details are: Remax Poland, E-mail: re-max@***********, Phone: +48 **********

I hope I didn't miss anything so feel free to ask. As you can see I appreciate transparency and I want to make you have a clear view about the rental conditions.

I wait your reply

PS: Don`t forget to send your details to Remax.
Hello Mr. *****, I can only see the apartment non tuesday at 12h30 at my time of lunch.
Remax is an important company in portugal. can you send them the keys for me to see the apartment before send you the money?
I see other apartments, but your looks more nice. I neeed to move at 1 october and must decide next week.
Thank you, *****
Mr. *****,

The problem is that Remax Poland will ask me to record the transaction before sending the keys and I am agree with that. After recording the transaction they will ask you to deposit the agreed amount, 400 + 800 = 1200 euro, in Remax Poland bank account as a security measure. After confirming your deposit at them the Remax Agent from Poland will come personally to record the transaction legally with Portugal IRS.
I hope you don`t have a problem with that because this is absolutely necessary.
If you want to rent the flat please send me your full details requested and send a copy of them to re-max@******** so I can be able to record the transaction.

Kind regards!
Hello Mr. *****, I need to see the apartment before decide to rent the apartment and send you the money.
Thank you.

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